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Mini Potted Plants

Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Yesterday it snowed again in our city, and here I am desperate for spring time. So in my snowed-in day I decided to create these little potted plants from polymer clay and bring some green into our home.

I started by crafting the tiny pot with a well conditioned stripe of white polymer clay and placing it around a circle while sealing the edges together.

I filled the pot with dark brown clay and poked some texture into it.

Time to plant! I used a small clay cutter to cut circles out of a sheet of light green clay for the leaves, pinching the corners to shape them and rolling some of the same colored clay for the tall cactus.

Finally, I placed all the pieces together sealing with liquid polymer clay, added some needed details and voila, my own miniature little plants!

I'm planning on listing these little guys on Etsy as a "made to order" item. Stay tunned on our Facebook page for new listings.

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